Flood Insurance in Illinois

Green Family Insurance Inc. in Springfield, IL provides flood insurance for Illinois residents who may need to protect their properties. While flood insurance isn’t for everyone, those in areas at risk of flooding need to consider this type of coverage. Traditional homeowner’s insurance will not cover flood damage! Here are several things that all homeowners should know about flood coverage.

Flood Insurance is Particularly Important for Illinois Residents

Illinois has a vast system of lakes and rivers, many of which are subject to flooding. Nearly 15% of the land area in Illinois is at risk of flooding, which makes it one of the top states for flooding! Around 90% of official natural disasters in the state are flooding related. As you can imagine, this makes flood insurance a common type of coverage for those who may be affected!

Flood Insurance May Be Required

Typically, flood insurance is based on flood maps that carefully layout which areas are most at risk for flooding, and what buildings are in those areas. In particularly high-risk areas, flood insurance is usually required by federal low. Even in low-risk areas, flood insurance is still an excellent idea and may be required by local laws, home purchasing contracts, or lenders.

It’s also important to note that flood maps are updated as geography and weather patterns change, so it’s critical to have the latest information on flood risks in your area.

There are Several Types of Flood Insurance Available

Flood insurance can cover a variety of damages depending on the policy types. Some flood insurance focuses on covering the direct damage done to property by flooding. Other policies focus on replacing belongings that were destroyed by a flood. However, flood insurance does not usually cover any damage done after the flood, such as damage caused by lingering moisture or additional weather events. That’s why it’s essential to contact your insurance company after a flood occurs immediately!

For more questions about flood insurance, contact Green Family Insurance Inc. of Springfield, IL today! We can help you find out if you need flood insurance and what coverage works best for you.