Renters Insurance in Illinois

The state of Illinois has no mandate that renters have to carry insurance to protect their belongings. Landlords typically have an insurance policy for their buildings, but it doesn't cover the contents of a unit if it's rented out. If you suffer from loss of property pertaining to fire, flood, or theft, your landlord's insurance won't provide coverage. You have to pay for the replacements out of your own pocket. Our agents at Green Family Insurance Inc. in Springfield, IL can help you get a renter's insurance policy that protects you from loss and liability.

Renter's Insurance Covers Personal Property Against Loss

When you rent, the landlord is the owner of the building, and you are the tenant. That means you don't own anything other than your personal property that's inside the unit. The landlord's insurance policy may reimburse you for loss of property if a pipe bursts or there's a leak in the roof, but nothing else. Renter's insurance covers everything you own that was lost through a catastrophic event or theft.

How a Renter's Insurance Policy Covers the Unexpected

Renter's insurance also covers personal injury events such as a slip and fall inside your unit. That means a guest can get their medical bills covered if they have an accident while visiting your apartment. Live in an older building in Illinois, with wooden floors? Overflowing water from your bathtub or sink can spill through the floors and damage the ceiling of the unit downstairs. A renter's insurance policy can cover the cost of repairing the ceiling and replacing anything that was destroyed by the unexpected intrusion of water.

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