Health Insurance in Illinois

Getting a health insurance plan for yourself or your family can be a complicated process. In Illinois, you have multiple insurance companies to select from, and different types of insurance plans with varying levels of coverage. Changes in federal health care laws mean individuals and families aren't penalized for not having insurance. However, at Green Family Insurance Inc. in Springfield, IL, we highly recommend that individuals and families get health care coverage to protect against unexpected health care bills.

The Benefits of Buying a Health Insurance Policy

The tax return penalty for not having health insurance has been removed, which means Illinois residents aren't compelled to carry health insurance coverage. Even though this means you don't have to have a health insurance policy, you should still get coverage to cover the unexpected. Health care costs for the uninsured can be disastrous. Buying a health insurance plan significantly reduces your out-of-pocket expenses and ensures that you get the quality health care that you desire.
Families are especially vulnerable if they don't have health insurance. Children are prone to picking up illnesses from peers and may get sick enough to require a hospital stay. Not having health insurance can significantly impact the financial stability of a family when the unexpected happens. It's far better to have health insurance to cover an emergency so your child can get the care they need, and you don't have to worry about finding money to pay for it.

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Give us a call at Green Family Insurance Inc. in Springfield, IL, and talk to one of our agents to learn more about getting a health insurance policy that gives you the coverage you're looking for. Our agents can get you free quotes and go through the policy details to help you understand what it covers. Life throws out curveballs when you least expect it, but having the right health insurance policy helps you recover and move on with your life.