RV Insurance in Illinois

If you enjoy being on the open road in your Recreational Vehicle, you will want to protect your investment and the content inside with an insurance policy. At Green Family Insurance Inc. in Springfield, IL, our insurance experts will work with you to find the best RV-specific coverage.

Is RV Insurance Different from Auto Insurance?

RV insurance is different from a standard auto insurance policy because it addresses the specific differences between cars and RVs. RVs can cost more to fix than cars, and when an RV is on the road, it is likely to have more people inside it than there would be in a car.

In the state of Illinois, any vehicle that is driven on the roads, including an RV, must have at least a minimum standard of liability insurance. At Green Family Insurance Inc., we will talk with you about coverage for your RV, or travel trailer or camper, that works with your lifestyle. Are you living in the RV full time? Do you use your RV seasonally?

Coverage Options

Whether your RV is motorized or towed, you will want to protect it from loss, damage, or theft. You want the RV insurance coverage that protects you in case you are in an accident. You want to insure the contents of your RV. There are likely expensive things inside your RV, especially if you are using it as a home.

You may want to go beyond the insurance minimums in Illinois and consider roadside assistance, vacation interruption coverage, or special coverage if you store the RV during the year.

Ask Us About RV Insurance

At Green Family Insurance Inc., we know you love the freedom that your RV brings to your lifestyle. Protect your investment with the best RV insurance coverage at the best price. Contact our offices to get a quote or call one of our expert insurance agents in Springfield, IL to have your questions answered.