Umbrella Insurance in Illinois

If your family is like most, you participate in several activities that could expose you to liability. These might include coaching kids sports, volunteering at your local food pantry, selling crafts at a local festival, or even going hunting and fishing. Most of these activities fall outside of the liability coverage offered by your regular homeowners and auto policies. Let Green Family Insurance Inc. in Springfield, IL help you get started with a policy.

What is umbrella insurance?

Named an umbrella policy because it covers a wide range of situations, this type of insurance gives you and your family liability coverage for those everyday situations that fall beyond your other coverage limits. Umbrella policies also offer protection against slander, libel, and even invasion of privacy. In addition to the situation, this type of extra coverage is beneficial if you own rental houses, if you are a scout leader or if you sit on the board of a non-profit organization. It's not difficult to think of other situations in your life where you are vulnerable to being sued. An umbrella policy makes sure that your assets are protected by providing funds to help settle or defend a civil lawsuit for a covered reason. In our litigious society, you need an umbrella insurance policy to make sure your home and other assets are safe.

We think the chief advantage of an umbrella policy is that one premium and one policy covers your family for a myriad of situations and outside activities. You don't have to purchase separate insurance and anticipate each need.

To learn more about how your family could benefit from an umbrella insurance policy, contact Green Family Insurance Inc. in Springfield, IL to get a quote. We've been helping central Illinois families like yours with their insurance needs for more than a decade.