Items Covered by Condo Insurance

Condo insurance can sometimes be confused with homeowners insurance due to both policies acting as property coverage. While homeowners insurance protects the internal and external structure of homes, condo insurance only protects the interior of a condo unit. To break it down further, Green Family Insurance Inc. discusses what condo insurance within Illinois covers.

Personal Property

Condo insurance covers personal belongings, with examples of these items being clothing, furniture, and electronics. When covered perils such as fire, theft, or vandalism occur, condo insurance helps you cover your repair and replacement costs when these disasters lead to property damage.

Building Property

The interior structure of your unit also falls under condo insurance, with examples of areas protected being your floors, tiling, and walls. In addition to this, fixtures such as sinks, bookcases, and cabinetry are also covered when faulty electrical systems or fires damage them. Condo insurance ensures that you get compensation for fixing these items or when you need replacement costs.

Loss of Use

If your condo is rendered uninhabitable due to significant damage, condo insurance will help you pay for your additional living expenses. These can be your hotel fees, meal costs, and transportation expenses until your condo is fixed.

Personal Liability

Personal liability is another item covered by condo insurance that helps you pay for your lawsuit costs when sued for property damage and bodily injury. In addition to paying for your legal fees and damages, condo insurance ensures that you cover any medical costs arising from guest injuries. It also provides compensation for repair and replacement fees when a guest’s property is damaged.

Loss Assessment

When you are required to contribute to shared losses after perils destroy areas such as swimming pools, condo insurance ensures that you are covered during such events. It helps you offset any loss assessment that condo owners incur, allowing you to reduce your financial setbacks.

To ensure your condo is protected from disasters, consider reaching out to Green Family Insurance Inc. today. We provide condo coverage suited to Illinois property owners.