Three Types of Protection You Get From Condo Insurance

When you own a condo, you need a specific type of policy to make sure you’re protected. A condo policy is made especially for those who own a condo. It takes into account which parts of the structure you actually own versus what the condo board owns. It makes sure that you’re only insuring the parts that are yours. To get your condo insurance in Illinois, call us at Green Family Insurance Inc.

Protection for the Condo

This insurance has coverage for the dwelling itself so that you’re protected in case an event happens that damages your home. It’s essential to have this coverage to protect yourself against the high repair bills that could be due after a serious event causes your home to be damaged. The policy spells out which types of risks you’re covered against such as specific types of accidents and disasters. When one happens, the policy can pay for the repairs instead of you having to come up with an enormous amount of money yourself. 

Belongings Protection

When you have everything you own in your home, it’s extremely important to make sure that all of it is insured. You’ve invested a lot into your belongings, and they need the kind of protection that the condo has. These policies come with that coverage. It can pay for you to replace the items that were lost in the damaging event. 

Protecting Your Liability

You’re liable for the things that happen in your condo, and that includes accidents. If anyone should get injured in an accident there, your condo insurance covers your liability and pays for the medical bills for that person. It’s a type of coverage that can save you a lot with medical bills so high. 

Get Condo Insurance

When you need a condo policy in Illinois, call us at Green Family Insurance Inc.