Where to Find the Best Health Insurance in Illinois: Expectations vs. Reality

Health insurance can provide a number of benefits, such as providing financial protection if you or a loved one are hospitalized. Illinois health insurance coverage entitles covered policyholders to receive medical care when they experience an illness.

Additionally, health insurance can help pay for prescription medications and other healthcare expenses not covered by your regular coverage.

Expectations vs. Reality

Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law on March 23rd, 2010, Illinois residents could opt to go without health insurance. At that time, individuals who did not have access to affordable health coverage were typically required to buy health insurance on their own. The ACA made health insurance available to more Americans through government-run healthcare exchanges.

One downside of the new program is that now most individuals require some form of health coverage for them to avoid potential penalties from the IRS. This is the reality for Illinois residents and most other Americans. 

Reality: Choosing an affordable health insurance plan is the best way to avoid penalties. 

How Do I Compare Health Insurance Options in Illinois?

One of the best ways to compare health insurance options in Illinois is to use an online comparison tool. Another way to compare health insurance options in Illinois is through a local agent or broker like the professionals at Green Family Insurance. We can help you explore multiple plans from different insurers and provide guidance on which plan best suits your needs.

Get Affordable Health Insurance in Illinois

Green Family Insurance Inc. offers affordable health insurance coverage options for Illinois residents. Talk to a licensed insurance agent to learn about the best health insurance coverage options for your family.