What’s the Minimum Auto Insurance Required in Illinois?

Are you a new driver, or have you recently moved to Illinois and want to know what’s required to drive your vehicle on the roads? Then you’ll need to learn about the minimum auto insurance requirements of the state. Talk to an insurance agent at Green Family Insurance Inc. of Illinois to determine what should be your next step. 

Get an Auto Insurance Policy 

You’ll need to obtain insurance coverage from an insurance company or independent agency. The minimum required automobile insurance in Illinois is liability coverage. This protects you in the instance you cause an accident and damage someone’s property and/or hurt them. Note that you won’t have coverage for yourself and your own vehicle with this type of policy. 

Parts of Liability Coverage 

There are two parts when it comes to auto liability coverage – bodily injury and property damage liability. With bodily injury, there is a minimum coverage amount in place for each injured person and each accident. With property damage, there’s also a certain minimum coverage amount for damage during each accident. You might also have coverage for bodily injury to uninsured motorists. Be sure to find out if the agency offers this and if it’s recommended for you.

Carry Proof

When you have auto insurance, you must carry proof in your vehicle. A law officer may ask to see this at some point, and you also need to have registration available to show them. 

Don’t let auto insurance become a hassle. Set up an appointment to sit down and discuss policy options with an agent at Green Family Insurance Inc. of Illinois, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

How can an Illinois auto insurance policy protect me?

The state of Illinois is one of the most populated states in the country. For most people that live in this state, owning a car is an excellent investment as it will help them to get around town efficiently. If you are going to purchase a car in this state, it would be a good idea to get an auto insurance policy. When you have auto insurance here, it will work to protect you in several different ways.

Provides Coverage for Vehicle

One of the advantages of getting auto insurance here is that it will provide you with coverage for your vehicle. A car is one of the most significant investments that someone will ever make. If you are going to purchase a vehicle here, you will want to ensure that it is fully covered by insurance. When you get a full collision and comprehensive auto insurance policy, you will know that you will have the support to repair or replace your vehicle if you incur a loss.

Gives Coverage for Liability

Another advantage of an auto insurance policy is that it will give you coverage for liability. Driving a car will always come with some risk. If you were to cause an accident when you are driving, you could be found liable. When this occurs, you are going to be responsible for any damages you cause. With an auto insurance policy, you will receive the liability coverage that you need to offset this risk.

Ultimately, everyone in Illinois would benefit from having auto insurance. Since there are complexities that come with picking a policy, you should contact Green Family Insurance Inc. when you start shopping for a policy. The insurance team at Green Family Insurance Inc. will help you better understand your options and ensure you receive proper coverage.