Do I need different health insurance if I move to Illinois from another state?

Choosing the right healthcare insurance is important, even more so because you are normally limited as to when you can make changes. You can look for a new plan during the open enrollment period starting in November, unless you there are special circumstances. If you have a "qualifying event," you can make changes such as adding beneficiaries.

At Green Family Insurance Inc., we help Illinois find health insurance that will meet the needs of their families. When circumstances change, we can help you make the changes you need.

What To Do If You Move

If you move within the state, you need to report your new address on your healthcare application as soon as possible. However, if you move to another state, you will need to change your insurance and find a plan in the new state. You are allowed to change your insurance if you are moving to another state.

In order to change your insurance, you may need to fill out a whole new application. Let your insurance agent know if you need any help because you need to take care of the paperwork in a timely manner. Failure to follow procedures could cause you to have a gap in insurance coverage.

Make Sure You Keep Your Coverage

If you have insurance in a different state, you may not have access to any of the medical professionals you need. Even if it is the same company, the level and kind of coverage may be different.

We Are Here To Help

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to keep your address and contact information current. You don’t want to miss any important messages you should be answering. If you have any questions about Illinois health insurance, please call Green Family Insurance today.

Where to Find the Best Health Insurance in Illinois: Expectations vs. Reality

Health insurance can provide a number of benefits, such as providing financial protection if you or a loved one are hospitalized. Illinois health insurance coverage entitles covered policyholders to receive medical care when they experience an illness.

Additionally, health insurance can help pay for prescription medications and other healthcare expenses not covered by your regular coverage.

Expectations vs. Reality

Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law on March 23rd, 2010, Illinois residents could opt to go without health insurance. At that time, individuals who did not have access to affordable health coverage were typically required to buy health insurance on their own. The ACA made health insurance available to more Americans through government-run healthcare exchanges.

One downside of the new program is that now most individuals require some form of health coverage for them to avoid potential penalties from the IRS. This is the reality for Illinois residents and most other Americans. 

Reality: Choosing an affordable health insurance plan is the best way to avoid penalties. 

How Do I Compare Health Insurance Options in Illinois?

One of the best ways to compare health insurance options in Illinois is to use an online comparison tool. Another way to compare health insurance options in Illinois is through a local agent or broker like the professionals at Green Family Insurance. We can help you explore multiple plans from different insurers and provide guidance on which plan best suits your needs.

Get Affordable Health Insurance in Illinois

Green Family Insurance Inc. offers affordable health insurance coverage options for Illinois residents. Talk to a licensed insurance agent to learn about the best health insurance coverage options for your family.

Health insurance terms you should know before choosing your coverage

Choosing health insurance is never easy, but understanding some terminology you might encounter can make it easier to understand. The choice you make determines the coverage you will have for the next 12 months. A wrong choice could be difficult to live with. At Green Family Insurance Inc. in Illinois, we are an independently owned insurance agency. Our passion is helping our customers to find the insurance products they need.  

Here are a few of the health terms you should understand:

  • Deductible– The deductible is the amount you will need to pay every year before your health care starts to pay for services. High deductible health insurance policies are more affordable than lower deductible policies, but they can leave you with very little coverage for routine services. 
  • HSA– An HSA is a health saving account. This allows you to save an amount each year, determined by the IRS, tax-free toward your health care expenses. It is the perfect complement to a high deductible health insurance policy. 
  • Copay– A copay is your portion of any covered service. Once the deductible is met, and the health insurance starts covering services. 
  • Out-of-pocket limit- This is the most you will pay for health care services in any given year. This is an important figure, especially if you have a catastrophic illness that requires an extended stay in the hospital. Just a few days with tests can run you many thousands of dollars. 
  • Network– The network is a group of health care providers who have contracted with a health insurance plan to provide services to its members at an agreed-upon price. Most healthcare plans have their own network. Making sure the one you choose includes your doctor is an important part of choosing your health insurance plan. 

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A Look At Misconceptions About The Benefits Of Health Insurance

 Green Family Insurance Inc. assists people throughout Illinois by offering different types of insurance coverage. We strive to ensure that our clients find the insurance coverage they need.

Health Insurance

Health insurance allows you to enjoy a better quality of living. Health insurance covers your regularly scheduled trips to the doctor, as well as any medication that you have to take.  As you research different health policies, avoid some of these common misconceptions about health insurance.

Common Misconceptions

Health Insurance Isn’t Necessary If You’re Young

No matter what your age is, health insurance is an asset. If you’re young, health insurance helps cover you as you start to age. Your yearly check-up with your doctor works as a preventative measure to spot potential areas of concern before they become more serious.

Health Insurance Won’t Cover Me If I Smoke Or Drink Regularly

This is incorrect. Even if you smoke and drink regularly, you can still receive coverage.

I Can Rely On The Coverage Provided Through My Employer

While many employers provide health insurance, it is not a good idea to simply rely on your employer to provide coverage. It is much more beneficial to have your own policy as well to ensure that you are fully covered.

Your Policy Covers You No Matter Where You Are

As you research different policies, make sure that you find out whether your preferred physician is included in the network. In some cases, you may be able to visit a doctor outside of your network. Make sure that this subject is clearly defined in your policy before accepting it.

Green Family Insurance Inc. Can Help You

As an independent insurance agency, we are able to provide coverage to our clients in Illinois regardless of their needs. Stop by our office today.