Why should I get life insurance in Illinois?

Anyone that lives in Illinois will have different personal insurance needs. A type of insurance that all people need to think about getting is life insurance. There are a lot of reasons why someone here should obtain a life insurance plan in this state. 

Insurance Gives Financial Protection to Dependants

People here will need to have life insurance because it can give financial support to those who rely on you. When there are people that rely on your income for living expenses, you need to make sure that they have financial protection in the event you passed away. Even if you do not have specific dependents, ensuring that your loved ones can handle end-of-life expenses is also important. When you get life insurance, you can create a plan that will protect your loved ones’ needs.

Insurance Can Add to a Financial Plan

It would be best if you also considered getting life insurance to add to your financial and investment plan. Investing and planning for your future is essential. A great way that anyone can do this is with a whole life insurance plan. While this type of life insurance, you will receive an investment benefit on top of your life insurance benefit. This makes it a good conservative investment option that people should consider. 

Picking a life insurance plan in Illinois is a big decision. When you are looking for a new life insurance plan here, it would be wise to speak with the team at Green Family Insurance Inc. When you call Green Family Insurance Inc., you can learn a lot about the different life insurance options that you have. We can also give you the guidance needed to build a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

What’s the Minimum Auto Insurance Required in Illinois?

Are you a new driver, or have you recently moved to Illinois and want to know what’s required to drive your vehicle on the roads? Then you’ll need to learn about the minimum auto insurance requirements of the state. Talk to an insurance agent at Green Family Insurance Inc. of Illinois to determine what should be your next step. 

Get an Auto Insurance Policy 

You’ll need to obtain insurance coverage from an insurance company or independent agency. The minimum required automobile insurance in Illinois is liability coverage. This protects you in the instance you cause an accident and damage someone’s property and/or hurt them. Note that you won’t have coverage for yourself and your own vehicle with this type of policy. 

Parts of Liability Coverage 

There are two parts when it comes to auto liability coverage – bodily injury and property damage liability. With bodily injury, there is a minimum coverage amount in place for each injured person and each accident. With property damage, there’s also a certain minimum coverage amount for damage during each accident. You might also have coverage for bodily injury to uninsured motorists. Be sure to find out if the agency offers this and if it’s recommended for you.

Carry Proof

When you have auto insurance, you must carry proof in your vehicle. A law officer may ask to see this at some point, and you also need to have registration available to show them. 

Don’t let auto insurance become a hassle. Set up an appointment to sit down and discuss policy options with an agent at Green Family Insurance Inc. of Illinois, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

How commercial insurance can save a small business

The backbone of the American economy is small businesses. They are defined by the small business administration as businesses with less than 500 employees. Small businesses are responsible for two-thirds of the jobs in this country. 98% of businesses in Illinois are classified as small businesses. Owning a small business can be a dream come true or a nightmare depending on how many risks you face and how well you are protected. At Green Family Insurance Inc., we strive to provide Illinois businesses with the coverage they need to survive and thrive. 

If your small business is hit by a fire, a theft, or a devastating storm, you may not be able to continue to do business in the location where your business is today. It might be a total loss, or it may need a lot of repairs. That can take time. Time your business may not have. If you have commercial property insurance, it protects the building where you are operating and all the things you need to operate. Your commercial insurance can help you get a temporary location and help replace and repair what you need to carry on. 

During the time a covered peril puts you out of business, commercial business interruption insurance can make sure that you don’t have to let your staff go and you can pay your operating expenses. Not every peril is covered, so read your policy carefully. 

Commercial liability insurance can save your small business if you are sued by someone injured while visiting your place of business or by a product or service you provide. Additionally, it can help with the legal expenses that defending yourself can entail. Every small business is vulnerable to legal action. 

Contact Green Family Insurance Inc. for all your Illinois commercial insurance needs.

How divorce affects your home insurance

Divorce raises many questions that can leave you more frustrated, sad, stressed, and confused. One of the main questions is what happens to your homeowner’s insurance policy and whether you will change ownership after the divorce or not. Fortunately, you don’t need to make any significant changes if you live in your Illinois home after the divorce as the primary policyholder.

If your spouse is leaving with some belongings, changes will have to be made.

If the court ordered a split of the family property, you might need to make changes to your contents coverage and remove the items departing with your spouse. Your Illinois insurance company will also need to adjust your rates accordingly. At Green Family Insurance Inc., we specifically go through your entire policy and ensure that it is correctly updated.

Your rates may go up.

Your rates could go up based on the discounts you received before the divorce. For instance, if you and your partner received discounts for combining multiple policies for auto and home, you may end up losing the discount if you buy a separate policy and fail to bundle again.

You can unlist your spouse if you are the primary policyholder.

If you want to remove your ex-spouse from your policy, you can do so by providing the divorce decree to your insurance company. However, if the court requires the two of you to live in the same house, it’s best to keep the coverage the way it is.

You cannot make any changes to the policy if you are not the primary policyholder.

If your spouse was the primary policyholder, you might want to request them to remove their names and make you the primary policyholder. If that seems impossible, you can still keep them and make the payments on their behalf.

If you are separating from your spouse, take your time, and learn the changes that need to be made. Our agents at Green Family Insurance Inc. are also available and willing to help. Feel free to ask any questions. We are only a call away!

What Is Renters Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Renters insurance is very similar to home insurance, but its purpose is to fit the needs of people renting a property – an apartment, house, condo, or anything else. This type of insurance is an important type of financial protection for any renter. Green Family Insurance Inc., serving clients from Illinois, has prepared a list of things covered by standard renters insurance: 

  • Personal property coverage. Renters insurance covers all costs to replace your personal belongings if they were destroyed or stolen. Personal belongings may include electronics, furniture, clothing, jewelry, computer equipment, and appliances. It even covers the property that was not even in your home. For example, if your laptop was stolen while you are on vacation, it will be replaced by your renter’s insurance. 
  • Personal liability and medical expenses. If someone is injured in your rented condo, apartment, or house, your policy will cover medical bills costs. If an injured person decides to sue you, liability coverage will also pay for legal expenses. 
  • Loss-of-use coverage. If your rented property becomes uninhabitable for some reason, renters insurance will cover the costs of your temporary place to live. For example, if your apartment is damaged by fire and needs to be repaired, your renter’s insurance will pay for your stay in a hotel, as well as for your meals. This type of coverage will even pay for your gas if you have to drive more to work. 

Renters insurance is important to have if you rent a condo, apartment, house, or any other residential property type. If you are currently looking for a perfect policy and do not know where to start, Green Family Insurance Inc., serving clients in Illinois, is ready to help. Do not hesitate to give us a call to talk to one of our insurance agents, who will answer all of your questions. 


What is Umbrella Insurance?

You know you need auto insurance to stay legal on the roads in Illinois. And you already likely have homeowners insurance to cover you against the unknown. But do you have enough insurance to protect your family fully? Our team at Green Family Insurance Inc. is here to help you understand how umbrella insurance can give you the peace of mind you need. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

To put it simply, umbrella insurance is a special type of policy that extends above your existing auto and property insurance liability. This means that if you’re in a severe car accident that you’re responsible for, someone is injured at your home, or there’s another issue that spurs a liability lawsuit, you have the additional protection you need.

Why Is Umbrella Insurance Important?

In today’s society, filing a lawsuit is one of the first things people think to do when injured. If someone has a legitimate or even a false claim against you, it could end up having a huge impact on your financial wellness. With an umbrella policy, you can always ensure you have enough coverage if a situation arises.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

The truth is that anyone who owns a home or has significant assets should consider umbrella insurance. But the need goes much further than that. Those who have businesses, are parents of teenage drivers, or have an extended amount of risk exposure should consider this policy type.

Illinois Umbrella Policies from Green Family Insurance Inc.

Purchasing an umbrella policy is simple. All you have to do is meet with your trusted insurance agency, review your current policies, and answer a few questions. Are you ready to ensure your family is fully protected with umbrella insurance in Illinois? Please contact our team at Green Family Insurance Inc. to schedule your appointment.

6 Important Flood Insurance Questions to Ask Your Agent

When you live in a flood-prone area, it’s often required by your home’s lender for you to have flood insurance. If you don’t have a lender, you don’t have to have the coverage, but it’s still an excellent idea to make sure you’re adequately protected from harm. If you’re in Illinois, Green Family Insurance Inc. is the company to contact to make sure you have the insurance policies that will give you the kind of protection you’re looking for.

Then you’ll have what you need to be safe and secure, and you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the area. Some of the biggest questions to ask about insurance to cover floods are:

  • What kind of insurance do you need beyond the standard homeowner’s policy?
  • Should you still get this insurance if you’re not in a flood-prone area?
  • Who should you contact if you want to review or make changes to your policy?
  • What should your agent know about your home or location?
  • Are there any extenuating circumstances or issues that won’t be covered by a flood policy?
  • Who should you reach out to if you have more questions to ask about flood policies?

When you’re in Illinois, and you need flood insurance, Green Family Insurance Inc. is the place to go. Contact us today, and let’s talk about the kind of policy and coverage level that would be right for your needs. There are many different choices to consider for basic insurance policies on your home, but flood policies don’t come with as many options. Still, you’ll likely have questions, and we want to help answer them. You can get the answers you’re looking for when you work with a strong company and dedicated agents like ours so that you can have a good policy and peace of mind.

Do I need condo insurance in Illinois?

If you are in Illinois, it would be very common for you to want to own your own home. A great type of property that you could purchase here is a condo. When you are a condo owner, as opposed to an owner of a single-family home, you will receive many homeownership benefits with fewer maintenance obligations. If you do purchase a condo, you need to assess your insurance needs carefully. You likely will need to have condo insurance coverage. 

Insurance is an Association Requirement

One reason that you will likely need to have condo insurance is that your condo association will require it. Anyone that lives in a condo association is going to have a variety of rules that they need to abide by. One important set of rules is to get condo insurance. The association bylaws will state the type and amount of coverage that you need to have. 

Insurance is a Lender Requirement

You will also need to have condo insurance because your lender could require it. When you want to purchase a condo in this state, you will probably take out a mortgage. Any mortgage lender will want to protect their collateral, and the best way to do this is by escrowing for your monthly condo insurance payments to ensure there are no coverage lapses.

As you are shopping for condo insurance in Illinois, you should call Green Family Insurance Inc. Picking a policy for your condo can seem like a big challenge as many choices need to be made. Fortunately, Green Family Insurance Inc. can make it much easier for you. The team here is able to help you assess all your options and build a policy that is right for you. 

A Look At Misconceptions About The Benefits Of Health Insurance

 Green Family Insurance Inc. assists people throughout Illinois by offering different types of insurance coverage. We strive to ensure that our clients find the insurance coverage they need.

Health Insurance

Health insurance allows you to enjoy a better quality of living. Health insurance covers your regularly scheduled trips to the doctor, as well as any medication that you have to take.  As you research different health policies, avoid some of these common misconceptions about health insurance.

Common Misconceptions

Health Insurance Isn’t Necessary If You’re Young

No matter what your age is, health insurance is an asset. If you’re young, health insurance helps cover you as you start to age. Your yearly check-up with your doctor works as a preventative measure to spot potential areas of concern before they become more serious.

Health Insurance Won’t Cover Me If I Smoke Or Drink Regularly

This is incorrect. Even if you smoke and drink regularly, you can still receive coverage.

I Can Rely On The Coverage Provided Through My Employer

While many employers provide health insurance, it is not a good idea to simply rely on your employer to provide coverage. It is much more beneficial to have your own policy as well to ensure that you are fully covered.

Your Policy Covers You No Matter Where You Are

As you research different policies, make sure that you find out whether your preferred physician is included in the network. In some cases, you may be able to visit a doctor outside of your network. Make sure that this subject is clearly defined in your policy before accepting it.

Green Family Insurance Inc. Can Help You

As an independent insurance agency, we are able to provide coverage to our clients in Illinois regardless of their needs. Stop by our office today.

Three advantages of term life insurance

Life insurance is an essential product to invest in to protect your family’s financial future. Green Family Insurance Inc. provides numerous life insurance options that allow Illinois families to meet their financial needs.

The following are three advantages to be aware of that you can enjoy by purchasing a term life insurance policy.

Term life insurance premiums are generally less expensive than whole life insurance premiums.

If you compare premiums for term life and a whole life policy, you will note that term life insurance premiums are typically more affordable.

That’s because term life insurance policies don’t accumulate value over time and only compensate you if you pass away unexpectedly during the policy term. This setup is typically ideal for young families who need a substantial death benefit in the case of an untimely death more than they need accumulated savings. 

Term life insurance policies offer flexibility.

Term life insurance typically offers more flexibility and options than whole life insurance. You can choose between varying death benefit amounts. You can also choose between different term lengths, depending on your unique needs.

Term life insurance policies are good for adapting to changing life insurance needs over time. 

Your life insurance needs are likely to change over time. They’ll vary due to factors like your dependents becoming financially independent or the value of your assets accumulating over time. 

Term life insurance is ideal for changing needs because these policies are typically temporary. You can choose a term that’s as short as one year in some cases. Then, you can reevaluate your needs after the term is up and select a different policy down the road. 

To learn more about term life insurance, get in touch with us at Green Family Insurance Inc. We’re here to assist you with your life insurance needs in Illinois.