How can an Illinois auto insurance policy protect me?

The state of Illinois is one of the most populated states in the country. For most people that live in this state, owning a car is an excellent investment as it will help them to get around town efficiently. If you are going to purchase a car in this state, it would be a good idea to get an auto insurance policy. When you have auto insurance here, it will work to protect you in several different ways.

Provides Coverage for Vehicle

One of the advantages of getting auto insurance here is that it will provide you with coverage for your vehicle. A car is one of the most significant investments that someone will ever make. If you are going to purchase a vehicle here, you will want to ensure that it is fully covered by insurance. When you get a full collision and comprehensive auto insurance policy, you will know that you will have the support to repair or replace your vehicle if you incur a loss.

Gives Coverage for Liability

Another advantage of an auto insurance policy is that it will give you coverage for liability. Driving a car will always come with some risk. If you were to cause an accident when you are driving, you could be found liable. When this occurs, you are going to be responsible for any damages you cause. With an auto insurance policy, you will receive the liability coverage that you need to offset this risk.

Ultimately, everyone in Illinois would benefit from having auto insurance. Since there are complexities that come with picking a policy, you should contact Green Family Insurance Inc. when you start shopping for a policy. The insurance team at Green Family Insurance Inc. will help you better understand your options and ensure you receive proper coverage. 

What is Commercial Insurance?

Are you a small business owner? You may have heard of commercial insurance, which protects your business, its employees, and your organization’s physical assets. Various types of commercial insurance policies exist, including general liability, commercial vehicle, workers’ compensation, umbrella, and business property. Depending upon the size and type of the business, commercial vehicles, workers’ compensation, property, and general liability policies may be required in Illinois. Speak with an insurance agency, such as Green Family Insurance Inc. to determine your needs. 

Definitions & Policy Types

When you take out a commercial insurance policy, you’ll receive a certificate of insurance reflecting the amounts and types of coverages issued to your business. The certificate of insurance may list one or more of the following:

  • General Liability: Protects your business against hazards such as a client slipping and falling at your location.
  • Property: Protects against losses and damages to the organization’s physical property, such as buildings and equipment.
  • Commercial Vehicle: Similar to personal auto insurance, this type of policy protects fleet vehicles against damage and drivers against claims resulting from accidents. 
  • Workers’ Compensation: Protects the business against accidents sustained by employees while on the job. This can include medical payments for injuries and loss of wages. 
  • Umbrella: Protects against additional liability claims that might go above and beyond existing general liability limits. 

Certain types of businesses are considered at greater risk than others. Establishments that deal with alcohol, vehicles, and events are a few examples. Lower risk establishments may not need the same level of liability or property coverage. Small businesses without employees may also be exempt from taking out workers’ compensation policies. 

If you’re opening up a business in Illinois, check with a licensed insurance agent to see which policies are mandatory. Contact Green Family Insurance Inc. now. 


Is it time to upgrade your home insurance policy?

Home insurance renewal is often automatic, and the previous policy simply rolls over to a new term. Unfortunately, this process can leave you underinsured in the event of a covered incident. If you have owned your home for several years or more, it’s time for a complete policy review. The team at Green Family Insurance Inc. is here to guide residents in the state of Illinois. We can assist you with your annual policy review and help identify any gaps that there may be in your policy. Many clients are surprised by their need for a new policy or coverage levels.

Avoid Being Underinsured

Having a homeowner’s policy that doesn’t fully meet the needs of you and your family can cause many problems if you should experience loss or damage from a covered event. In most areas of Illinois, home values increase on a reasonably regular basis, and it’s important that your coverage keeps pace. Without adequate insurance, you can be the responsible party for the cost of repair or replacement if your home is damaged in a covered event. This situation is easy to prevent with a regular review of your home insurance policy. An increase in coverage may also be necessary if you have made significant improvements to your home, with projects such as putting in a new kitchen or updating the bathrooms in your house. Don’t let an inadequate policy cause you headaches down the road!

Is it time to review your home insurance policy for completeness? The team at Green Family Insurance Inc. serves the state of Illinois and is here to meet all of your home insurance needs. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for a complete policy review. You’ll be glad you did!