The Importance of New Businesses Investing in Commercial Insurance

It can be exciting to start your own business. However, there are certain risks involved in operating a business. For this reason, it is important to invest in commercial insurance to ensure your business is protected in the event that a disaster strikes. Green Family Insurance Inc., serving Illinois, shares a few reasons why commercial insurance is so important for new businesses.

Commercial Insurance Pays to Repair/Replace Damages

In the event of a covered peril, such as theft, fire, or vandalism, as outlined in your commercial insurance policy, you will receive the compensation needed to repair or replace the building and contents. 

Without commercial insurance, you would be solely financially responsible for repairing and replacing the building, furniture, equipment, and inventory. This would be a significant business loss. 

Commercial Insurance Protects Your Employees

You have numerous assets that are important, but your employees are definitely one of the most valuable. With workers’ compensation commercial insurance, you will protect your employees while also remaining compliant with state and federal law. 

This type of coverage allows employees to collect benefits that cover lost wages, medical expenses, and the like if they suffer an injury or illness while working. This insurance often minimizes the risk of being sued.

Commercial Insurance Covers Legal Fees

No business owner wants to face a liability lawsuit, but the unfortunate reality is that it can happen at any time. And all it takes is a single legal action to be taken against your company to cost you considerably if you don’t have the proper commercial liability insurance to protect you and your business.

This type of coverage offers protection should an individual suffer an injury while at your business or if you cause damage to a property that is not your own. Your insurance policy will likely cover the associated legal fees as well as any judgments that you’re ordered to pay.

Starting your own business can be incredibly rewarding, but you need to ensure you are properly protected from the get-go. For help creating the most appropriate commercial insurance policy for your business in Illinois, contact Green Family Insurance Inc.