What Is Renters Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Renters insurance is very similar to home insurance, but its purpose is to fit the needs of people renting a property – an apartment, house, condo, or anything else. This type of insurance is an important type of financial protection for any renter. Green Family Insurance Inc., serving clients from Illinois, has prepared a list of things covered by standard renters insurance: 

  • Personal property coverage. Renters insurance covers all costs to replace your personal belongings if they were destroyed or stolen. Personal belongings may include electronics, furniture, clothing, jewelry, computer equipment, and appliances. It even covers the property that was not even in your home. For example, if your laptop was stolen while you are on vacation, it will be replaced by your renter’s insurance. 
  • Personal liability and medical expenses. If someone is injured in your rented condo, apartment, or house, your policy will cover medical bills costs. If an injured person decides to sue you, liability coverage will also pay for legal expenses. 
  • Loss-of-use coverage. If your rented property becomes uninhabitable for some reason, renters insurance will cover the costs of your temporary place to live. For example, if your apartment is damaged by fire and needs to be repaired, your renter’s insurance will pay for your stay in a hotel, as well as for your meals. This type of coverage will even pay for your gas if you have to drive more to work. 

Renters insurance is important to have if you rent a condo, apartment, house, or any other residential property type. If you are currently looking for a perfect policy and do not know where to start, Green Family Insurance Inc., serving clients in Illinois, is ready to help. Do not hesitate to give us a call to talk to one of our insurance agents, who will answer all of your questions.